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Interactive human anatomy in real-time 3D

Complete and easy-to-use virtual guide for learning, understanding, and visualizing the complexities of human anatomy in 3D. Includes information and images for each anatomical system and part, multiple options to interact with the 3D anatomy models (hiding, fading, etc), and much more.

The Visual Anatomy 3D app can be downloaded and tested for free, which contains the skeleton and ligaments, other anatomical systems can be purchased separately. The anatomy app is available on most platforms (android, iOS, windows and mac) and can be used on your phone, tablet or desktop pc.

Designed for anatomy students

We believe that learning by interaction is the best and easiest way to study human anatomy.

Perfect for professionals

When discussing anatomy with a patient it can help as an visual aid.

  • over 1200 body parts!
  • highly detailed
  • fully searchable
  • zoom, pan, and rotate in real time
  • show and hide layers
  • see details for each body part
  • add custom notes

Hi-res imagery everywhere you need it

7 detailed body systems

  • Skeletal
  • Ligamentous
  • Muscular